Every Wednesday 2 - 2.30pm we join in a Twitter chat about our learning with other classes and educators both in NZ and around the world!

Check out the #kidsedchatnz website for topics

Click here for archived #kidsedchatnz chats

We also moderate some weeks. Here are some guidelines for Moderators:

Moderator/ Host - Running the Chat

5 minutes before chat: tweet - 5 minutes until #kidsedchatnz

Begin Chat (first 5 minutes)
Welcome everyone to #kidsedchatnz
Welcome as many people as you can (e.g. welcome @PinehillRm14 to #kidsedchatnz)
Ask people where they are from/ what year level they are

5 mins in - ask the first question

Plan when you are going to ask each question - make sure they are spread out over the time

End of chat - last 5 minutes
Thank people for joining in
Ask people what they will takeaway from this chat
Ask what people enjoyed about the chat/ highlights

Your job as a Moderator:
  • Welcome everyone
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Pay attention to newbies
  • RT (retweet) useful/ tweets you like to respond quickly to someone
  • Be the timekeeper
  • Make sure people are being sensible (remind them in a positive way)
  • Remind people to use the hashtag #kidsedchatnz