Here are your Missions....
When you have successfully completed your mission for the week, go onto the discussions part of the Wiki and let everyone know :)

Term 4

This term you will be moving through a set of tasks (at your own pace) to complete the mission. Do not skip a task. When you have completed a task, go to the discussion area, click on the task and say completed. This mission is a collaborative project with you and an adult from home, you might like to include more than one adult at is up to you!
Good luck ~ if your adult was lucky enough to attend the Wikispaces lesson, you will have already completed some of the tasks!
MIssion: To get one adult at home involved in YOUR Wikispace
Task 1: Wiki sign up
1. Get an adult at home to sign up to Wikispaces. Make sure they have their own account (they should not use yours).
Task 2: Username Check
1. Once they have their username, get them to 'join' your wikispace.
2. When they add a comment (to join), make sure they say who they are, so I know they are an adult that knows you (e.g. Amy's Mum/ Amy's Aunty).
Task 3: Introduction to Wikispaces
1. Introduce your adult to Wikispaces.
2. Give them a basic lesson on editing, pages, etc
Task 4: Show time
1. Show off your Wikispace
2. Show your adult all the hard work you have been doing over the year!
Task 5: Play Time
1. Get your adult to start making their own content (e.g. embed a youtube clip, make fancy text...)
NB: You might want to make a page on your Wikispace called 'playground', where they can 'play'. Remind them that they can ONLY play on that page...none of your other pages (I will be checking :)
Task 6: Get Involved
Now your adult has a username and is part of your wiki, they can get involved with your work:
1. Show them how to make a comment (make sure THEY are logged in, not you when they are making a comment).
2. Get them to comment on some content you have created.
Task 7: Quality Comments
1. Give a lesson on what makes a quality comment
NB: Remember you can use the Quality Comments page we have made
Task 8: Pass the Mission On
1. Set them this goal: To make at least 3 different comments during the next week.
2. You are to reply to these comments - see if you can get a conversation going.
MISSION COMPLETE - Well done! You and your adult are now wiki-tastic. Make sure you keep your adult commenting!

Term 3 Week 9 - 10: Cybersafe

You have selected a member of the class, now you become a detective...
Find out as much as possible from their wikispace and writers club only.
Present this information the best way you can.

Term 3 Week 2:

1. Create a new page called 3WC in your wiki
2. Make a video/ slideshow about 2 highlights of Term 2, including:
- why you have chosen this as your highlight
- why this activity has helped make you a better learner
3. Include a next step - what you need to work on for Term 3
You can either do 3 separate presentations/ video's or make it one presentation.
Embed your finish product into your wiki!

Term 2 Week 9:

1. Watch the 2 videos relating to your speech. Click here to view these lessons.

Term 2 Week 8:

1. Watch the slideshow on writing the main part of your speech. Click here to view the lesson.

Term 2 Week 7:

1. Complete the table in Art to select your group for the Museum trip.

Term 2 Week 6:

1. Complete your preference for the device group you would like to be in - click here
These MUST be filled in by Monday 28th May (Start of the week).

Term 2 Week 5:

1. Create a set of instructions (e.g. how to insert any widget, how to edit your navigation bar, how to post a comment., how to use a particular website).
2. Make a Literacy page and post your set of instructions there.

Term 2: Week 2

1. Find prominent people or inventors who have had something to do with the history of phones, cameras or television.
2. Create a Inquiry page (show this in your navigation bar)
3. Within the Inquiry page, make another page called 'Connected'
4. Makes notes about this person and their invention - REMEMBER DO NOT COPY & PASTE!!!!!!!!!! Make notes in your own words.

Term 2: Week 1

After 3 way conferences many of your talked about what you need to work on in the coming term.
1. Create a page called 'Goals'.
2. Think about 3 - 4 school-based goals you would like to achieve by the end of the term 2 and what was discussed at your 3WC's.
3. Look at the Goal Setting link about how to set realistic, achievable goals.
4. Create a table like this one:
Areas of my life
Goals to set
What I need to learn
What I need to do
Who can help me
To learn my 6 & 7 multiplication facts
My 6 & 7 timetables
- Practice every night
- Keep a multiplication log on my homework page
- Get tested by mum or dad in the weekend
- Time myself for doing these timestables
- Keep a poster of these timestables on my bathroom door
- Ask mum and dad to say 6 & 7 timestables when we are in the car or waiting somewhere
Sam (my tutor)
Sarah (my older sister)
Emily (buddy in Rm 14)
12/05 - I have put a poster on my bathroom door
25/05 - I was tested today and only got 50% correct - I need to work a bit harder on my goal!

Each week you are going to be commenting on how you are going towards your goal

Term 1: Week 9

1. On your Maths page - put a maths problem on the page. People can then post a discussion for the answers.

Term 1: Week 8

1. Upload a picture of you at camp. Put this onto your camp page.
2. Create a page for your 'special project'.
3. Make sure your pages at the side are organised properly
- Camp
- Writing
- Maths
- Spelling
- Reading
- Media
- Favourites
- Blog
- Homework (reading log in here)
- Special Project

Term 1: Week 6

1. Go onto your reading page and find out some interesting facts about the name of your group (e.g. Anthony Browne, Margaret Mahy, Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling). On the group page, leave the information you have found.
2. Create a page called 'Camp'
3. In this page, create a table like the one below and fill it in

Camp Hunua Falls 2012

My goal is to......
What I am looking forward to
Things that will challenge me
How I will overcome my challenge

Term 1: Week 4 & 5

1. Comment on at least 3 class members wiki's - remember to make your comments sensible and constructive.
2. Look through your wiki and ask yourself:
- Does it look good?
- Is it easy to follow?
- Are there any mistakes (punctuation/ spelling, etc)
3. Make an audio boo and embed it in your wiki.
4. Post a comment about your reading this week.
- Go to the reading page and click on your group (Browne, Mahy, Dahl, Rowling)
- Then go into the discussion and click on the reading for this week.
- Make a fabulous comment about the article
- You may want to summarise what you learn't, what you liked, what you found interesting, what you did not like....remember to explain why you have written your particular comment!

Term 1: Week 3

1. Create a 'Blog' page
2. Write a constructive comment on someone in the classes wiki using the discussion option.
Comments could include:
- something you like about that page
- something you would like them to teach you
- something you have enjoyed reading/learning about from their wiki
3. Create a 'Reading Log' page

Term 1: Week 2

1. Create your home page.
You should include:
- information about yourself (remember what Constable Wansink talked about)
- information about what will be in your wiki.
2. Create these pages:
- Writing
- Maths
- Spelling
- Reading
- Media
- Favourites
- Homework