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Amily's Tennis Tournament

Jennifer's Piano Competition

My duet buddy Gabrielle, we came highly recommended.

This is Gabrielle and I again this time we got to choose the music. We came 3rd!

This is my solo I came 1st for this one I'm so proud!

This a test piece I also came 1st STILL PROUD!

Pinehill Timberwolves ROCK!!!

We came second....


Well today I went fishing with my dad and his friend John at Kawau island.
As soon as I put my line in the water I felt little nibbles. For about 1 hour,
we started pulling in baby snapper. I suddenly saw a streak of yellow in the water,
I looked back to see what it was......... It was a Kingfish we all pulled up our line got big bits
of bait on and tried to catch it. I suddenly felt about a 20kg tug on my line I had it on my line.
The line screeched because it was pulling the line out so much, trying to cut the line on the rocks.
After pulling and pulling constantly for about 5 minutes I was so tired. I finally got it in.
I felt so sore in my arms. I could not take it home because it was 70 centimetres.
Believe me it was the hardest fish I'd ever caught in my life. Oh yeah, as I was looking at my fish,
my dad was reeling the line in thinking the bait was gone of the rod. (Since the Kingfish had been caught on that line)
But, it wasn't gone. Now another kingfish got caught on his line it was hard for him aswell. This one was still not big enough to take home,
it was 67 centimetres. Here is a picture of my kingfish:
Isaac's Kingfish.jpg

Sorry there's no video, then you'd know how hard it was if there was a video.