How to Write Quality Comments

I really like getting feedback on what I need to work on because then I can make my page better.
From Isaac

Its good when people comment on what I did good.-kalib

I like it when people say that I have done good things like good punctuation and I also like it when they say things that I need to work on.


Dont just say well done or words like that,say well done then write what they did well and what they need to improve

Make sure you use words like extraordinary not like good because they will think they have not done a job well done - Madison

Do better questions and saying nice words. From Sungju and David

Capital letters at the start of a sentues.
From Erin.

I especially like getting really good responces for when I ask a question.
From Jahvis

You should ask some questions for them to answer back about the post they have made.
~Anita and Amily

I like it when other people say posotive coments about my wiki or when they are trying to help my wiki better.
From Georgie!

I like it when someone tells me if I've done a spelling mistake or if someone wants me to do more work on one of my topics

When i send a messege I should get a good response back from the person.ethan.o

I like when people say good things about my wiki. -Bella